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Denis Moiseenko

Head of Laboratory

Denis Moiseenko occupies the dual role of Project Manager and Head of Laboratory with Labstat. As Project Manager, Mr. Moiseenko undertakes Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement projects focusing on quality, efficiency and client experiences; as Head of Laboratory, he is responsible for overseeing cannabis testing projects, regulatory compliance, data management, implementation of new technology and more. Mr. Moiseenko originally joined Labstat in 2016 as a Quality Systems Auditor before transitioning to the role of Qualified Person in Charge under Narcotic Control Regulations (NCR), followed by his current role during Labstat’s NCR licence transition to Cannabis Analytical Testing licence in 2018. Prior to joining Labstat, Mr. Moiseenko worked at Exova Canada occupying the roles of Quality Systems Specialist, Laboratory Systems Coordinator and Chemist from 2011-2016. Mr. Moiseenko attended the University of Toronto and received his Bachelor of Science (H. B.Sc.) with a specialization in biotechnology in 2010.