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Andrew Masters, Ph.D.

Chief Information Officer

As Chief Information Officer for Labstat, Dr. Masters is responsible for managing the company’s IT infrastructure and systems. He joined Labstat to oversee Science before taking on this role. Prior to joining the company in 2009, Dr. Masters was Vice President of Eastern Operations at Maxxam Analytics Inc. as well as overseeing several strategic business units. While at Maxxam, Dr. Masters was responsible for various labs, managing a large staff in environmental, food, drugs of abuse, petroleum, bioanalytical, high resolution mass spectrometry and residue testing services. During that time, he built one of the largest and most innovative labs in North America employing many novel approaches to lab design and information management. Prior to his work at Maxxam, Dr. Masters served as Technical Manager of Petrolite Inc. leading a group developing oilfield chemicals, Chemex Labs and Norwest Labs in lab management positions in the environmental and agricultural testing fields. Dr. Masters has presented papers to industry organizations such as CORESTA and has been a part of several committees, most notably as a board member of the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories and President of the Western Environmental and Agricultural Laboratories Association. Dr. Masters holds a PhD in Organometallic Chemistry from the University of Calgary and a Masters Degree in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of Dundee in Scotland.