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Labstat Management Team

Our people are the heart of our business.

We believe the people who choose to work at Labstat are our single greatest asset. It’s their skills and talents that allow us to continually offer the highest standards in science and customer service. Without them, nothing else is possible.

As a recognized centre of analytical excellence, our leadership team is composed of scientists and senior executives with deep expertise in their respective fields.

Business Development Team

Rob Stewart

Vice President, Business Development Cannabis and NHP

Collaborates with the company’s interdisciplinary teams, external partners, and other industry experts to understand Canadian, US and Global markets and leverage our scope of service.

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Sarah Vortuba

Regional Business Development Manager, Eastern Canada

Initiates, develops and implements sales strategies to drive growth in emerging sectors throughout Eastern Canada.

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Leadership Team

Michael Bond


Oversees the corporation’s overall strategic direction, business performance and organizational leadership across all business units.

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Devin Sears, Ph.D.

Director, Research & Development

Leads Labs-Mart innovation initiatives to develop new testing methodologies for cannabis and NHP products before release to the market.

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Andrew Garrard

General Manager

Oversees all Labs-Mart operations in the US and Canada, ensuring the company maintains the highest levels of quality and safety throughout their portfolio.

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Peter Joza, BSc, CChem

Chief Technical Officer, Chemistry

Monitors the development of new and emerging technologies, in order to harmonize the services offered by Labstat,.

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Denis Moiseenko

Head of Laboratory

Responsible for all transactions involving cannabis and drugs containing cannabis at Labstat.

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Violeta Vidican

Director, Quality Assurance

Coordinates compliance to International Standards and Regulatory Requirements ensuring the company’s accreditation and licenses are maintained.

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Catherine Ambrose

Senior Vice President of Operations

Provides direction and insight to ensure all company departments move forward together and collaborate in the most client-focused manner.

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Andrew Masters, Ph.D.

Chief Information Officer

Ensures Labstat implements the most leading-edge technologies, systems and digital platforms available throughout the operations.

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Rhiannon Morgan

Laboratory Manager

Works closely with the General Manager to ensure continuous improvement with respect to safety, quality and operational efficiencies within the Labs-Mart network.

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