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Micro Series: Licensing & Testing 101

Micro Series: Licensing & Testing 101

Becoming a Micro Cultivator or Processor is no small feat. With complex licensing processes, razor thin margins, and multiple strategic decisions to make along the way, you’re going to need a whole lot of patience and a little bit of help.

Join us for this interactive and informative webcast where you’ll get actionable intelligence from the industry’s leading licensing, regulatory, compliance and testing experts on how to set your business up for success.
Hosted by: Labstat & CannDelta

What’s In Your Vapour? Vape Testing 101

Learn about the emerging standards for cannabis vapour and oil testing, and how to develop market leading products, while mitigating risk.

Hosted by: Labstat

Considerations When Choosing a Lab

Learn what makes a successful laboratory partnership and how to identify the right lab for your business needs.

Hosted by: Labstat & Labs-Mart

Cannabis Testing: Method Validation 101

Develop a deeper understanding of analytical method validation and what to look for during lab audits and vendor qualification processes.

Hosted by: Labstat & Labs-Mart